Juice fasting works wonders!

After four days of the juice fast, so far so good (lost about six pounds). I'm improvising a lot with my juices, haven't really made anything that tasted horrible yet which surprises me since I'm not following any set recipes. I'm favoring juices that have some kick, so I'm adding ginger and arugula, sometimes onion.

Started today off with a fruit juice that was really good - just one banana, one apple and a couple of carrots. The rest of the day I'm having more vegetable juices using kale, celery, cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley, beet, spinach, arugula and ginger. I grind up nearly everything, including the stems for parsley and the stalks and leaves for the beets.

In addition to my congestion being gone, the dark circles under my eyes have lightened and most bizarre of all, the tightness in my jaw has disappeared. I really can't believe it!

UPDATE 5/5/12
Starting day #7. Weight loss so far, eight pounds.

UPDATE 5/11/12
Day #13. Weight loss so far, eleven pounds.

UPDATE 5/21/12
Day #23. Weight loss so far, seventeen pounds.

UPDATE 5/29/12
Day #31. Weight loss so far, twenty-one pounds.

UPDATE 6/1/12
Day #34. Done! Met my goal weight. Weight loss, twenty-four pounds.

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