It's a Small World – cut from WWDC Apple playback

Like many others trying to follow along with the WWDC online, I wound up using a combination of sites to get as close as possible to the action: MacRumorsLive, Engadget and iphonealley. Both during and after Jobs presentation, I wondered why Apple didn't simply provide this broadcast. I *think* now I know why -- it's called editing.

As some of you may recall, during the segment where Jobs was showing how many countries were going to be getting the iPhone, the Disney song "It's a Small World" played in the background. Curiously, in the Apple broadcast of the WWDC the song has been cut. We watch the 67 countries names in silence.

Now, why is that? Did Apple not get permission? Did some editor decide it sounded lame? hmmm... please Apple, do tell.

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