iPhone X – don’t like the notch!

Watching the Apple Keynote for the new iPhone X
Very surprised Apple approved that big notch at the top of the screen. I find it makes the phone look unfinished -- as if it is missing a part.

UPDATE 8:51pm

Judging from the many comments on the posts about today's keynote, I'm far from alone in not being impressed by the iPhone X. I've had my iPhone 6 Plus for three years now and it still works great. All these "improvements" since haven't compelled me to buy a newer model. I like knowing how to get around on a phone - not relearn it every time. I like the Home button, headphone jack and the screen size and battery life of the 6 Plus (which was my main reason for upgrading from the iPhone 4S). I could care less about unlocking the phone with my face, Animojis or wireless charging - and like the vast majority of the thumbs down crowd, paying $1000+ is ridiculous - and that's for the 64GB model! There's no 128GB option, just 256GB and that's a whopping $1150. Tack on tax, Apple Care and upgrade/activation fees and according to CNET it's $1461! No thanks.

UPDATE 9/13/17 5:49pm
It's looking more and more that the iPhone 6 Plus will be the last model of iPhone for me. Don't know how long it'll be supported by Apple and AT&T, but provided it works as well as it does now, I really see no reason to move. Shouldn't be too hard to pick up a used one on eBay should this one die -- at least for a few more years.

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