iPhone wish list

1. Longer power cord

My recent experience of being at the airport for several hours and not having wi-fi so that I could use my laptop as well as staying in lodging that also was lacking in internet access, made for a lot of iPhone use. Unfortunately, the battery life of my iPhone gets used up sooner than I seem to anticipate and so keeping the thing plugged in to the power charger is something I need to do in order to stay 'connected' and for that I need a longer cord! Being tethered to the wall by a short cord gets old real fast. The Griffen car charger cord is a few inches longer than the one Apple ships with the iPhone and so I'm using that right now. However, cords 3-6 feet long would be better -- for example, when using the iPhone plugged in while sitting in bed (or at a table) and the reach to the nearest wall socket is feet away.

2. Laptop as monitor

I'd love to be able to plug my iPhone into my laptop and use the laptop's larger screen, mouse and keyboard. Not necessarily using the iPhone as modem, but simply be able to interface with it so that I could take advantage of the laptop's superior screen real estate and other features -- like copy and paste! 😐

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