iPhone redux

I went to Macworld in San Francisco yesterday. I saw LOTS of people, both inside the Moscone center as well as out on the sidewalk with iPhones - yikes! Those people with iPhones who happened to be in my proximity (i.e., standing behind me in the never ending line to get into Macworld), I asked about how they liked the device. Without exception they all love it!

Though I'm not quite ready to buy one, I'm certainly seriously reconsidering it. My main objection at this point is the $20 a month internet charge to AT&T to run the thing. The iPod touch has Wi-Fi, but no phone. Guess what I want is the iPhone with Wi-Fi.

I've also been very curious about the $400 EEE PC from Asus, though unlike the iPhone, I've yet to see one for sale at any of the computer stores (just Amazon and eBay), so I'm not sure just how much I'd like the actual experience of using one. However, the user reviews are very positive and that's usually a good thing.

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