iPhone – Day #1 — Yahoo! Mail Plus and push email?

I went ahead and bought an iPhone again today. I'm still at the very beginning of getting around on the thing, but was able to set up my Yahoo! Mail account. What I'm not clear on at this point is whether or not the 'push' email is actually working or not. From what I've read online, there seems to be a number of people asserting that the 'push' Yahoo! is only for free accounts, not the Yahoo! Mail Plus (i.e., $20 a year plan that I subscribe to).

Is that right?? If so, that's seriously messed up -- pay more, get less. 😐
If for some reason it is true and moreover, I decide to hold on to this iPhone past the 14 day trial period (less the 10% restocking fee should I decided to return it to Apple of course...), then I'd have to really weigh what it is I'd be giving up by not renewing my Yahoo! Mail Plus account come April. Get 'push' email to my iPhone by reverting to free Yahoo! account, or manually check a ton of emails daily but have more 'features' with Yahoo! Mail Plus.

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