iPhone – back from the dead

It took nearly four hours yesterday, most spent over at the Apple store, trying to get my first generation iPhone to work again after the 2.0 software upgrade. Nice having my $400 phone functional again -- thank you Apple.

Now that I've had a little time to play around with the new software, the mass email delete is a very welcome change. I'm surprised however at how faint the little check circles are -- what's wrong with having easy to see checkboxes like a typical email client such as Yahoo!?

The #1 issue for me however is the phone reception here at home in Sebastopol. With all the new 3G iPhones, AT&T does seem to be aggressively expanding their network of 3G cell towers in the area. I didn't realize it before, but each tower has about a seven mile radius. One tower that would be in my range was supposed to go live on July 6th, and another is scheduled for August 29th. If those towers make it so that the 3G signal is strong enough that I can actually use my iPhone at home like my land-line, then I'll most probably buy the new 3G iPhone. If not, I'll most likely stick with my reborn first generation iPhone (at least for a little while longer!).

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