iOutliner – free online outliner that works!

Today I discovered iOutliner -- and I'm happy to report that it is EXCELLENT! Like iJot, it's a simple outliner also sporting drag 'n drop functionality (and for me, being able to move things around easily simply by dragging is a feature I must have in an outliner -- a feature which unfortunately is missing from LooseStitch as well as the Wiki software I've tried using -- without drag 'n drop, an outliner is more work than it's worth, sorry).

Unlike iJot, iOutliner offers privacy for free and also can make columns - very cool! I do wish it had checkboxes like IN CONTROL had (perhaps someday there will be that and other features too!), but as far as free online outliners go, iOutliner looks to be the best so far. Check it out!

UPDATE 12/19/08 I revisited iOutliner today and I'm sorry to say, things just don't work. 🙁
Among other things, I can't get the delete link to work at all. It appears the project has been abandoned. Too bad, iOutliner had great potential.

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  1. Hey Bob,
    Even though LooseStitch doesn't allow drag n drop yet, they have provided some nifty keyboard shortcuts like Alt+Up/Down to move the row up or down. You can see all shortcuts by typing '?' or clicking on the '?' while working on the outline.

    Once you get used to the shortcuts, I am quite certain you won't miss drag n drop as much as you are now.

    Arpan D.

  2. Thanks for the comment Arpan. However, there's no way keyboard shortcuts compete with drag n drop, both in terms of speed and brainstorming. I asked Loose Stitch about this feature years ago, still nothing but keyboard commands. 😐

  3. You should check out Thinklinkr. It's a new collaborative, dynamic, web-based outline program. It's totally awesome. I use it all the time. check it out.

  4. Hi Bob,

    I see that somebody else posted that you should check out Thinklinkr awhile ago. I know that they have made a lot of additions in the past couple of weeks. I think that it is pretty awesome. Have you gotten a chance to really use it yet? What are your thoughts on it as somebody who really loves to outline?
    Guin F.

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