In the midst of life we are in death.

One of my favorite scenes in "The Trip," is in the Bolton Abbey cemetery (1:29:18). Steve Coogan's eulogy for Rob Bryden is hilarious, but it's the premise of the thing that I found interesting. In short, say what you have to say to the important people in your life while they're still alive, don't wait until they're dead.

In the beginning of the scene, Rob accidentally steps on a grave and then there's a shot of the headstone. I was curious to see what it said, so I took this screenshot:


The headstone is for a Hannah Layfield, age 32, and her daughter Amelia, age 2. I couldn't make out some of the words, but was able to read, "in life we are in death." So I Googled that text and found the rest of the saying "In the midst of life we are in death." from the Book of Common Prayer. Lots of angles to that seemingly simple line. Something to think about...

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