IN CONTROL 3.5 – the news is not good…

I just got off the phone with FileMaker. Looks like in 1998 FileMaker ended all development of the Claris product line, which I guess IN CONTROL was then unfortunately a part of. Too bad - IN CONTROL was a great product and with much potential (especially these days!). The World (or at least my world) could really use a product like IN CONTROL brought up to date. At least the OS9 program still works and so as long as I have this computer, I can continue using it in all it's twelve year old glory - which ain't much. Perhaps someday a programmer will whip something together for us IN CONTROL die hards to use in OSX or better yet, online. How difficult could it be? 😉


2 comments on “IN CONTROL 3.5 – the news is not good…”

  1. Just to clarify:
    In Control was developed by a company called Attain, Inc.

    Attain was co-founded by two of the original creators of the FileMaker software.

    In Control has never been owned by FileMaker, Inc.

  2. That’s not my understanding. As far as I know, Claris acquired InControl but abandoned it’s development. Please provide more info, thanks.

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