Hypoglycemia – some carrots to the rescue!

A short while ago, the iPad screen started to look like it was spinning. I began feeling like I was about to pass out. I've had this feeling before and it's not good. Last time was several months ago at a restaurant with some friends.

After consuming about half a plate of spaghetti with salmon on top, I began to feel very uncomfortable. I lay down in the booth to try to fend off the waves of dizziness but it wasn't helping. Fortunately, one of my friends called our server and asked her to bring some orange juice. Within about a minute of drinking the juice I began to feel better.

This was a great discovery, for now I knew that when I felt like that, I needed to get some sugar - and fast. So when this just happened again, I got out of bed and stumbled my way downstairs to the fridge. I had a few small carrots and though not as immediate as when I drank orange juice, I'm now feeling a lot better. Note to self, buy some orange juice!

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