Humans becoming a problem? OK, here’s a virus.

As the saying goes, "You can't fight Mother Nature." Perhaps COVID-19 is just her way of correcting the damage the human species has done and is doing to the planet. The dinosaurs ruled for 150 million years, we've been here for maybe 2.5 million - just a blip. An asteroid took out the dinosaurs and the world went into darkness. Then Mother Nature came back and over time somehow we came into the picture. Now the human species is under threat from a virus - not as lethal as Ebola, but lethal enough to disrupt mankind worldwide. Last time anything like this pandemic happened was 1918 with the flu. That flu took anywhere from 50-100 million lives. So far, COVID-19 has claimed 1.5 million. Fortunately now there are vaccines coming to the rescue. Nonetheless, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the economies and changed perhaps forever the way business is conducted.

The internet in 2020 has shown that remote work is not only viable for many businesses, but actually preferable. Why have high-rent skyscrapers in cities when employees can do work from home? Other business models, like restaurants, movies theaters, hotels, concert halls and on and on, have shown how vulnerable they are to a pandemic and many in 2021 I'm sure will close for good, vaccine or not. The planet will survive no matter what, regardless of what humans do. Our survival depends on us, if we screw up, then Mother Nature will simply come along and take us out.

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