Hard come, easy go


There's a reason why I don't gamble at casinos, it's called losing. Once every ten years or so I go insane and play a few hands. Today was one of those days. It didn't end well.

In comparison to some of the people I talked to on the floor, I got off cheap (I guess). Nonetheless, it still sucks to have lost. Oh well, at least now I know (again) what I already knew before (duh) -- that the math at a casino is NOT in my favor.

For those that don't already know this or have forgotten, ALL the games in a casino are mathematically in favor of the house. It's pure mathematics and eventually "Old Man Percentage" will do most everyone in. Sure, some gamblers last longer than others and some even win, but overall as the old saying goes, "the house always wins." Today I put my head on the Blackjack block and the casino swiftly cut it off. I don't think I'll be back for more anytime soon.

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