Hacking AbanteCart

1.) To remove the View and Review hover over thumbnails on the Home page delete lines 48-54 in storefront/view/default/template/blocks/product_list.tpl

<div class="shortlinks">
<a class="details" href="<?php echo $item['info_url'] ?>"><?php echo $button_view ?></a>
<?php if ($review_status) { ?>
<a class="compare" href="<?php echo $item['info_url'] ?>#review"><?php echo $review ?></a>
<?php } ?>
<?php echo $product['buttons'] ?>

2.) To change the email confirmation text, use phpMyAdmin and search for '%Thank you%' in the language_definitions table and mail_order_confirm block:
SELECT * FROM language_definitions WHERE language_value like '%Thank you%'

3.) To add the customer name and change the date format to the confirmation email, edit the order_confirm.tpl file

<td class="align_left"><?php echo $text_order_id; ?> <span
style="font-weight: bold;"><?php echo $order_id; ?></span><br/>
<?php echo $text_date_added; ?> <?php echo date("m/d/Y");?><br>
<?php echo $text_payment_method; ?> <strong><?php echo $payment_method; ?></strong><br/>

Name:  <strong><?php echo $firstname; ?> <?php echo $lastname; ?></strong><br/>
<?php echo $text_email; ?> <strong><?php echo $customer_email; ?></strong><br/>


4.) Change the "Featured" header text on the Home page to some other word using phpMyAdmin
SELECT * FROM language_definitions WHERE language_value ='Featured'

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