Getting used to the new iPad

I bought a black 16G wifi iPad on Friday morning at the Santa Rosa Apple Store. I got there around 5:30am and was #6 in line. It was raining and cold. The folks ahead of me had been there starting at 2:00am and we had to cue up outside the mall in the parking lot because there was construction going on inside. At around 7:00am, security let us in in groups of twenty. At 8:00am, Apple was ready for business and sold me an iPad.

At first, I didn't notice too much of a difference between my iPad2 and the new iPad. However, now I can say the sharpness of the new display is very obvious and a big improvement, almost too good. Text in particular is much clearer (not that I was having a hard time with text before on the ipad2 because I wasn't).

Haven't as yet played around with the camera, will report back when I do.

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