Getting even is a win.

Since shifting over to my "one and done" betting strategy, I've had several days where I've lost the first bet. At this point, I'll bet again in the hope I'll get back to even. Sometimes I lose that bet as well, and then the one after that too. I've lost as many as six in a row.

Usually however I've been able to turn things around and win back all or most of my losses, but it can take awhile to get back to even. Once I'm even, I typically call it a day and walk out, content that I had won back the money I'd lost.

This has made me wonder about my bet amounts and whether I should reconsider flat betting. If the goal is to make as few bets as possible, then having the second bet be the same amount as the first just gets you back to even. The alternative is to double the second bet in the hope that should you win that, you've still hit your goal amount. You've just done it in two bets instead of one.

The problem of course is the very real possibility that you could lose the second bet too. Now your down three betting units instead of two. Doubling up after a loss can quickly reverse things should the cards go your way, but it's riskier should they not. The question is whether or not to make that shift.

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