Flute Models – a shifting landscape

Yesterday, I got an email from a former student of mine asking about buying a used Sankyo "Artist" model flute. I explained to him that it was my understanding that the "old" Artists were a different - and more expensive model - than the newer ones. In other words, at some point a few years ago Sankyo had moved the name Artist to an entirely different model of flute and lowered the price.

In checking the Sankyo Web site, I noticed that now gone are the model names Artist, Etude, Silver Sonic et al from their product line. In their place, names like CF201, CF301, CF401 etc., instead.

Yamaha too changed their naming system a few years ago. For example, gone was the well known YFL-581 and in it's place now stood the YFL-674. Unless you're paying attention - and asking questions - keeping track of "what's what" can cost you.

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