Everybody is an authority in music

Apparently, everybody is an authority in music. Whether they studied it or majored in it or have degrees in it or make their living from it, everybody else's opinion is just as valid. For some reason, the bar for being knowledgeable in music is very low, because everybody already knows everything. Why is that?

I don't hear everyman/woman telling a lawyer about lawyering, or math teachers about calculus, or doctors about medicine, but it seems everyman knows everything about music and worse, they want you to hear about their profound musical insights day after day, year after year. Why is that?

One comment on “Everybody is an authority in music”

  1. I honestly think it’s an overreaction to the traditionally strong role of authority in the teaching, playing, and appreciation of music.

    Not surprised no one discussed this question. Musicians in general don’t want to look too closely at that authority. It wouldn’t be respectful and would distract from Art.

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