Cyworld shuts down US service

I just got an email in my Spam folder from Cyworld about shutting down it's US service. There were a number of typos and broken English in the email (see below), so wasn't sure if the email was legit or not. Apparently, it is.

Thank you to all members with Cyworld
Due to Cyworld shuts down US service, US Cyworld will no longer be able to service.
We sincerely apologize for shutting down the service with unavoidable reason.
Before US cyworld close the service, you will continue to access to US cyworld contents but not
purchase items. Also, you will not use your acorns.
If you have unused acorns, you will be given a full refund for paid acorns only.

With the rise/dominance of Facebook in the US, can't say I'm surprised that Cyworld would call it quits here. In September of 2006, I opened up a free Cyworld account after visiting their kiosk and talking with their reps at the Power to the Peaceful Festival concert in San Francisco. However, that's as far as it went for me - I just didn't get Cyworld.

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