Climbing up a hill, the dream.

I've had this dream before. This time I know I was in San Francisco at a very small Chinese restaurant. It was around 10pm and the place was packed. After a few minutes some people got up and I sat down at their table. A waiter came over and gave me one piece of sushi. A few more minutes passed and then another waiter and a manager came over to tell me that they were sorry, but the place was closed. I follow the manager over to his station and as I'm standing there, somebody puts down a ten dollar bill while the manager isn't looking. The next thing I know, the manager is giving me back $9.25 (meaning my piece of sushi was $0.75). I tell him thanks but the ten dollar bill wasn't mine and then I guess I paid him. On to the hill.

Now that I've left the restaurant, I need to get back to my car which is located somewhere at the top of this hill. This hill is steep and very rough, but for some reason also covered in asphalt. Footing is slippery and there's nothing to grab onto except a smooth barked tree (maybe a white birch or aspen) about half ways up. I struggle to get to the tree and finally do, using very bit of strength and balance I can muster not to fall and roll down to the bottom. I wonder why they don't have places to hold onto on this hill and aim to say something about it to the restaurant. Then I wake up.

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