Chef knives on Amazon Prime

One of my first purchases when I signed up for Amazon Prime was to buy a Newild 8 inch chef's knife. For $20, this seemed like a deal worth trying. The knife looks beautiful and well made, but I have yet to try it. The reason? I already have a twenty+ year old Wusthof Grand Prix knife that I rarely use (turns out, I prefer a 5 inch Analon Santoku over 8 inch chefs, go figure).

Anyhow... getting back to the Newild... in comparing to the Wusthof, the thing that's apparent right away is that the Wusthof just feels better in my hand. Much heftier and better balanced. I don't know where the weight difference is, but the handle is where I feel the Wusthof is heavier. I also don't know if that is typical of the seemingly endless choices of inexpensive chef knives on Amazon, but I suspect it is. Amazon lists the weight of the Newild as 7.05 ounces, and that of the current Wusthof Grand Prix II as 0.61 lb (i.e., 9.76 ounces). 38% heavier than the Newild.

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