Charlie's foot

A couple of weeks ago my cat Charlie got into a fight with one of the neighboring cats. He ended up with a badly cut right rear paw pad so that it had to be stitched. Since then, I've been keeping him indoors. Inspite of the plastic neck guard, he's managed to free himself several times of the bandage and so I've made several trips to the vet to get the bandage redone.
All was looking good until today when I noticed that the same foot was bleeding pretty badly, so off to the vet we went. This time however, the vet showed me that the bleeding was not coming from where the stitches had been on the pad but rather from something looking like a large red blister. She said she didn't like the look of it and mentioned that it could be a tumor. 😐 She also told me she took some cells from the blister and that she would know what the results were on Monday. In any event, whatever is causing the blister needs to be taken care of. I really, REALLY hope it's not a tumor and that when the bandage is removed all is well and that this blister thing was just some freakish swelling. Guess I'll know Monday...

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