Broadcast TV using coax cable connection – FREE!

Like millions of other Americans, a few months ago I cancelled my cable TV. In it's place, I've been using an Apple TV box to watch movies. I also just signed up for the one week trial with HuluPlus hoping to be able to watch the Olympics. However, it turns out watching the Olympics via Apple TV is not possible as NBC has the games locked down. WTF!

So I started looking around online for how Americans without a cable subscription can watch the games. Much to my astonishment, Jim Hirschfield posted something I'd never seen before - just connect the cable back up to the TV and scan for channels. Sure enough, it works! So all this time, I've been missing out on broadcast TV simply because I didn't know that the cable companies are legally required to provide broadcast TV, regardless paid subscription or not. THANK YOU JIM!

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