Adding meta name="robots" content="noindex"

Just added <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> to a bunch of pages. How long will it take before they're gone? The countdown starts now!

UPDATE 4/21/11
Well it's been a month. So far, Google has removed about 50% of the pages.

UPDATE 5/28/11
Been seeing some pretty significant drops the last few days. At this rate, shouldn't be too much longer before the pages are gone.

UPDATE 6/22/11
Three months later. Fifteen pages to go.

UPDATE 6/25/11
Nine pages to go.

UPDATE 7/4/11
Six pages to go.

UPDATE 7/7/11
Four pages to go.

UPDATE 7/16/11
Three pages to go.

UPDATE 7/17/11
One page to go.

UPDATE 7/19/11
And they're gone!

So it took just about four months to remove the pages.

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