Add tape to make the nut larger, duh!

Recently I bought a universal weed eater head. Didn’t fit the 40v Ryobi because the installed nut was M10x1.25, not M8x1.25. So after much frustration and a trip to the local Ace Hardware, finally got the nut removed so that I could replace it with a M8x1.25 nut (left hand thread).

Problem was that nut is smaller and so there was a gap around the nut inside the housing. I used J-B Weld Plastic Bonder to glue it in, but unfortunately didn’t center it exactly and so there was considerable vibration when I used the Ryobi. Just read last night a review on Amazon about a similar universal head where he used tape to build up the M8x1.25 nut so it would fit snug. Brilliant! Will try that next.

UPDATE 5/8/2024
Reset the nut with tape wrapped around it to make for a snug fit. The verdict? Better, but still more vibration than with the smaller Rino Tuff and MaxPower PivoTrim heads. Oh well, worth a try since it was only $8, about 1/3 the price of the others. Aside from the vibration, works well and the WeedWarrior Pulverizer Twist that a got a 40 ft roll to try has yet to break. Pretty incredible line for $3!

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