WordPress theme updates can be a drag.

One of the downsides of the WordPress platform is the constant innovation both on the WordPress side of things as well as the theme developers. Even using a child-theme won't insure that your site won't wind up broken when the theme developer comes along and changes their code. This just happened to me on several sites using the free version of the Spacious Theme. For some reason, the copyright/footer section got changed. What modifications I had done to the child-theme all of a sudden were rendered useless and I would need to figure out how to re-create them in the new code. So here it is. Hopefully it'll save somebody else a little time.

Your Website';

$wp_link = '' . __( 'WordPress', 'spacious' ) . '';

$tg_link = ''.__( 'ThemeGrill', 'spacious') .'';

$default_footer_value = sprintf( __( '© %1$s %2$s', 'spacious' ), date( 'Y' ), $site_link );

$spacious_footer_copyright = '


echo $spacious_footer_copyright;



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