Spring Cleaning

I've started the somewhat daunting task of throwing stuff out. Mostly this consists of books, loose paper and cassettes. The books are probably the easiest to deal with as they are already organized and it's just a matter of deciding if I really need them anymore. With the Web so much a part of the picture these days, many of these books have little value to me anymore. Like many other people, nowadays I prefer to just search for the info I need via internet (yay!) rather than hunting around in some old book I have.

The loose papers are much harder. I've got lots of photo copies, receipts, letters and transcriptions to contend with and I find myself spending time reading and reminiscing instead of tossing or sorting. The bags of cassettes pose a problem as well as the bulk of them have no labels. Most of these cassettes I'm pretty sure are just recordings of me practicing or tunes/solos I was transcribing, but without the labels, I either have to actually listen to them to be sure or just let them go without knowing. 😐

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