eBooks are the future.

In spite of those that contend otherwise, the eBook is the way print publishing is going. The advantages of eBooks far outweigh their printed predecessors in a number of ways. For example, cost. Printing books is already expensive and is only going to go up and up. Such are the costs to print a book on paper and then ship it. No such costs for eBooks.

Search. You can’t search a printed book, but you can an eBook. From a scholar’s point of view, the eBook is the obvious choice.

Group participation. Again, the eBook has it all over print. The ability to engage an infinite amount of participants in dialog over a particular passage or sentence is already being used by teachers.

Jazz Scores and Analysis by Rick Lawn

New from Sher Music!

Jazz Scores and Analysis, Vol.1

by Rick Lawn

Full scores and in-depth analysis of contemporary, large ensemble works by six Grammy-nominated composers:

Vince Mendoza Bob Mintzer
Jim McNeely John Hollenbeck
Darcy James Argue John Fedchock
Following in the footsteps of Rayburn Wright’s seminal work, Inside the Score, this book gives a guided tour into the techniques and musical concepts in these six scores by masters of large ensemble jazz writing.

Extracting bounced emails from phpList campaign

If you didn’t set up bounce rules in phpList, you can still find most of the email addresses of the bounced emails by exporting the mailbox of the bounce folder and then opening it up in TextWrangler.

Open MBOX file in TextWrangler ->
Search: X-ListMember ->
Find All ->
Copy to new TextWrangler doc ->
Save as txt ->

Import into Excel
Data ->
Get External Data ->
Import Text File ->
Delimited ->
Other [:]

Then copy the email column and paste into TextWrangler, clean up (sort, delete duplicates). Copy/paste emails into phpList “Mass remove email addresses” (check box to also add the emails to the blacklist )
https://example.com/phplist/admin/?page=mass remove

Mostly plate. The art of California cuisine.

I had a restaurant gig in the early 1980s just when California cuisine was beginning to take off. We got dinners as part of our pay, and it was very good food. However, it seemed it was more about the presentation of the food, than it was about quantity. In other words, it was mostly plate. A baby carrot here, some sauce there, all nicely displayed but when you looked at what you were getting, it was mostly plate.