too smart by half

The phrase "too smart by half" is an idiom used to describe someone who is overly clever or intelligent to the point of being arrogant or self-absorbed. It implies that the person's intelligence may be causing them to make mistakes or overlook important aspects due to their excessive confidence in their own abilities. Essentially, it suggests that being overly smart can have negative consequences if not balanced with humility and practicality.

-- ChatGPT

Cleaning my teeth

Ever since COVID hit and my dentist quit, I've been cleaning my teeth myself. I use a magnifying makeup mirror, dental tools and prop myself up by a window to get good light. The trick is holding the mirror with my left hand and scraping the tartar with my right. Angles are difficult at times as well as choosing the right tool. I just figured out that by turning my right hand over I can come at some of the teeth from a better direction.