When cats go AWOL

Yesterday one of my feral cats didn’t show up for food. Unusual for her, I called and called, no show. Then today I went looking for her, calling out as I went. Suddenly I heard her distinctive meow and there she was under my car. I picked her up, but she did not look like her chipper self, and when I put her down she scurried off under the deck. Has not come out since. I suspect she’s sick and is just waiting out for the bug to pass. At least that’s my hope!

Zoom H4 as audio interface

Using the Zoom H4 as audio interface for external condenser mic.

  1. Plug in external mic to Zoom Input 1 and set Input 1 level to High
  2. Connect Mac computer using USB cable to Zoom
  3. Audio I/O →
  4. Press Jog Wheel →
  5. Connect →
  6. Press Jog Wheel →
  7. No Card →
  8. MENU →
  9. OK →
  10. MIC →
  11. Press Jog Wheel UP →
  12. IN1 →
  13. Press Jog Wheel to Select →
  14. Press Jog Wheel DOWN to advance screen to Phantom Power →
  15. Press Jog Wheel to Select →
  16. Phantom Power →
  17. Press Jog Wheel UP →
  18. +48V →
  19. Press Jog Wheel to Select →
  20. MENU →
  21. OK →
  22. Terminate Connection →
  23. OK →
  24. Mac: System Preferences →
  25. Sound →
  26. H4 USB →

JamKazam and iMac setup

  • Comcast XFINITY (87.2Mbps/5.72Mbps)
  • 2015 iMac (21.5″, 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5)
  • 2019 Netgear Cable Modem CM500
  • 2009 AirPort Extreme (MC340LL/A Model No. A1354)

JamKazam Issue: No audio
Disconnect AirPort Extreme and go direct from Ethernet to Ethernet (Netgear to iMac). For some reason, the AirPort Extreme auxiliary Ethernet ports are not a true bypass, but conflict with JamKazam.


Dealing with garlic, Part Two

Thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve been cooking, a lot. Lately it’s been mostly potatoes and garlic in olive oil. Much as I enjoy smashing and peeling garlic, then cutting it up with a knife, I’ve found a better way (again!).

1. Put a bunch of garlic cloves in a plastic jar (I use one of the Kirkland Mixed Nuts), close lid, then shake vigorously until the paper falls off.
2. Bring out the food processor and chop up the garlic.

That’s it!

Much, much easier and you can do many days worth of chopped garlic literally in about a minute!

Weighing the pros and cons of customizing software

In this case I’m talking about modifying legacy help desk software that is not mobile friendly but other than that, works just fine. Because the workload is light (and having looked extensively at what a time consuming task converting the software to mobile would be), I’ve decided to leave it as is for now. “Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Attention: Sebastopol Post Office – Please PROP OPEN YOUR DOORS!!

I went to the Sebastopol Post Office today (didn’t want to go at all, but had to ship an package overnight to a friend in Maryland).  The post office has doors with big brass pull handles that people have to grab in order to get in the building. As I sat in my car gathering the materials to be mailed, I witnessed a disheveled homeless man (who’s apparently living in the bushes right outside!) go up the steps, touch the railing, then the door pulls and go inside. Shortly after him, two women did the same thing.  I waited for all of them to come out, then it was my turn…gulp.

I went up with a disinfectant wipe in hand, did not touch the railing, and used the hand with the wipe to pull open the door.  All this door-pull touching is a risk that people shouldn’t have to take at this time of COVID-19 madness.  Please, PLEASE Sebastopol Post Office – prop open these doors during business hours so that people do not have to touch them at all to come inside!