Fasting begins

Been awhile since I did any kind of fast, and it shows. I know from past experience that a juice fast is the way to go to lose weight quickly. Ideally, I should be making my own juice from fresh ingredients, but for the next few days I’m just going to go with my old standby, Knudsen Organic Low Sodium Very Veggie

Juice Fast Ends 9/11/21 4:28 PM

Went 23 days. Didn’t weigh myself at beginning but positive it was the heaviest I had ever been. Figure I lost around 25 lbs this time around.

Photos is not iPhoto

I just learned the hard way that Apple Photos is NOT iPhotos. After spending many hours rearranging and organizing old family photos I find out that the Slideshow export
1. doesn’t use the order I have
2. doesn’t let me specify the size of the JPEGs

What’s more, later versions of iPhoto also changed/got rid of features I used in iPhoto 6, making them equally useless for exporting a slideshow.
Fortunately, I have an old Mac G4 tower running iPhoto 6 so I’ll be able to do the job. Unfortunately, I have many hours of work ahead.

Not updating to the latest version – too much to lose

Just as I have not updated my iMac to the latest OS, because in doing so I would lose several key applications that I rely on, I feel equally strongly about not updating some website programs to php 7.4. If the app works, and has been heavily customized over the years, then the very real possibility of having to do all the customization over again just to be running the “latest” is something I’m choosing to pass on until absolutely necessary.