I’ve been reviewing my situation

I’ve been reviewing my situation, in the last half hour of hell, and I’ve come to a very grave decision. After a lifetime of living by my wits, and on my memory, I shall give myself up full time to the profession of forgetting. I’m going to put an end to some emotional attachments that have long outlived their purpose. Namely “The Circus,” this house, my whole past.
— George Smiley (Alec Guinness – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

PayPal SELECT SUM(Gross / 26)

SELECT SUM(Gross / 26) AS TotalNet FROM paypal_2022 where Date like '%2022-08%' and Item_Title like '%example%'

Note: The Date column in this example was not changed in the table, so MySQL is set to type DATE. This will throw a warning, but will still show the right number. To remove the warning, simply change DATE to some other type, for example, VARCHAR.

SELECT Product_Name, COUNT(Product_Name) as count FROM paddle_2022
GROUP BY Product_Name

Looking for an exit

Life = change. Embracing the inevitable for many people is not their way of life. Much easier to get comfy in their current job, housing, car etc. with little or no regard to what happens should that change. This is a reactive life as opposed to a proactive one. Those who cling to the life they have will eventually come up against nature telling them in no uncertain terms that things are going to change. For example, people in their life start getting sick, lose jobs or die unexpectedly. Now what?