Juice fasting again

This is day 6 of my juice fast. I’ve done it twice before, once in 2012 and again in 2013. Both times I was able to lose about thirty pounds and hit my target weight in a month. This time around I’m also using two machines instead of just the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, which is great (and fast!) on everything but greens like kale, spinach and chard.

My other machine is a masticating type which arrived yesterday from Amazon on a Lightning Deal and as hoped, is much, much better than the Power Juicer for the greens.


So far I’ve lost eight pounds.

UPDATE 7/1/18
Day 28, down 24

UPDATE 7/12/18
Day 39, down 32

UPDATE 7/14/18
Ended my fast yesterday. 40 days, down 32 pounds
Started eating again. Three meals so far, up about 5 pounds.

Day #2, no beer

I’ve decided to take a break from beer and lose some weight. Though it’s only been a couple of days, the pounds are already coming off. Beer and alcohol absolutely have an effect on my belly and brain. I’m actually more concerned about the negative aspects of alcohol on my brain than extra inches on my waistline, though belly fat is a hazard in its’ own right. I’ve taken breaks from beer and alcohol before (sometimes for several years), and it was always a good thing. So here’s to sobriety and weight loss!