Hunt’s Organic Tomato Sauce, very high sodium!

I recently bought some 15 oz cans of Hunt’s Organic Tomato Sauce
After putting some on my spaghetti, I was shocked at how salty it was. Then I re-read the label: 410mg per serving.

This doesn’t sound that bad until you see that there’s 7 servings in the can. That’s 2870mg of sodium! I figure I poured at least half the can on my spaghetti, so in just that one bowl, I was getting nearly 1500mg. Since then, I’ve returned the remaining cans – just too much salt!

Flavored salt

I received some flavored salt as a Christmas present. Specifically, Jacobsen Habanero and Jacobsen Sriracha (appears to have been discontinued). I’ve concluded that, at least with these two flavors, that I prefer to keep my salt and spices separate. Habanero, like rosemary, is such a distinctive and overpowering flavor that even a little bit of it can turn your dish into a habanero dish. Not something I want to have very often.

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