Limiting your losses

One of the big hazards in gambling is losing streaks and how to handle them. The smart thing to do is to set a limit of how much you’re willing to lose in any one session and if that limit is reached, to quit. This is easier said than done, but it’s an important discipline to develop, just like setting a goal amount that you’re hoping to win and quitting while you’re ahead is.

Juice fasting again

This is day 6 of my juice fast. I’ve done it twice before, once in 2012 and again in 2013. Both times I was able to lose about thirty pounds and hit my target weight in a month. This time around I’m also using two machines instead of just the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, which is great (and fast!) on everything but greens like kale, spinach and chard.

My other machine is a masticating type which arrived yesterday from Amazon on a Lightning Deal and as hoped, is much, much better than the Power Juicer for the greens.

So far I’ve lost eight pounds.

UPDATE 7/1/18
Day 28, down 24

UPDATE 7/12/18
Day 39, down 32

UPDATE 7/14/18
Ended my fast yesterday. 40 days, down 32 pounds
Started eating again. Three meals so far, up about 5 pounds.

Day #2, no beer

I’ve decided to take a break from beer and lose some weight. Though it’s only been a couple of days, the pounds are already coming off. Beer and alcohol absolutely have an effect on my belly and brain. I’m actually more concerned about the negative aspects of alcohol on my brain than extra inches on my waistline, though belly fat is a hazard in its’ own right. I’ve taken breaks from beer and alcohol before (sometimes for several years), and it was always a good thing. So here’s to sobriety and weight loss!

Betting on the streak

Yesterday I saw Banker streak at the Baccarat tables that went 18 hands broken up by 3 ties. That and the Player streak last month that went to 17 hands (also broken up with ties), are the longest streaks I’ve actually seen. It confirms the wisdom of both Avant Dernier and Last Bet systems to either bet on the streak to continue or lay out until it stops. It also stands to reason that alternating hands have the same potential to continue just as long as the streaks.

Committing to the shoe

One of the inconsistencies in my baccarat betting is not sticking to a plan. I find myself waffling back and forth between betting Avant Dernier as a system and just guessing. Coming in mid-way in a shoe and choosing to bet Avant Dernier really is tantamount to nothing more than guessing. The whole point of using either Avant Dernier or Last Bet systems is to *hopefully* wind up with more wins than loses by playing many hands, not just doing a drive by.

Also, one of the benefits or using either system is it helps to dispel the Banker bias so prevalent at the tables by the other players and treat each hand as equal – the way it should be, 50/50. For example, yesterday I saw a shoe that had a Player streak go 14 hands with only one tie. Bettors who bet against the streak lost money while those that rode it out made money, simple as that. Both Avant Dernier and Last Bet systems say to continue betting the streak, not guess when it might end. Had it been a Banker streak, there would no doubt have been many more gamblers at the table, but the Chinese for some reason don’t like Player. Those that did bet on Player, bet on it pretty lightly. Go figure.

Quitting feels better

One of the recurring themes in gambling is knowing when to quit. For me, it doesn’t take much. If I happen to get ahead of the casino, even by a small amount, that’s often all it takes for me to cash out and walk out the door. Feels good. The casino will always be there for when, or if, I decide to go back. In the meantime, I’m up!