Weighing the pros and cons of customizing software

In this case I’m talking about modifying legacy help desk software that is not mobile friendly but other than that, works just fine. Because the workload is light (and having looked extensively at what a time consuming task converting the software to mobile would be), I’ve decided to leave it as is for now. “Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Attention: Sebastopol Post Office – Please PROP OPEN YOUR DOORS!!

I went to the Sebastopol Post Office today (didn’t want to go at all, but had to ship an package overnight to a friend in Maryland).  The post office has doors with big brass pull handles that people have to grab in order to get in the building. As I sat in my car gathering the materials to be mailed, I witnessed a disheveled homeless man (who’s apparently living in the bushes right outside!) go up the steps, touch the railing, then the door pulls and go inside. Shortly after him, two women did the same thing.  I waited for all of them to come out, then it was my turn…gulp.

I went up with a disinfectant wipe in hand, did not touch the railing, and used the hand with the wipe to pull open the door.  All this door-pull touching is a risk that people shouldn’t have to take at this time of COVID-19 madness.  Please, PLEASE Sebastopol Post Office – prop open these doors during business hours so that people do not have to touch them at all to come inside!


United States – Poised to be the World leader in COVID-19 cases: Today!

China 81,285
Italy 74,386
United States 69,007

With nearly 15,000 new cases reported yesterday, mostly in New York, I expect that the USA will move in to the top spot either today or tomorrow. Looks inevitable.


U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass Those of China, Italy
Confirmed infections top 82,000 across country, exceeding all other national totals
The U.S. has overtaken China as the country with the most cases in the world of the novel coronavirus, marking a new milestone in the fight against the global pandemic.
China had held the top spot since the deadly virus began spreading there in December.

UPDATE 4/30 1:55 AM
United States 143,724