When an improvement isn’t

I don’t like the new ‘improvements‘ in customer service. Endless robo phone trees and robo chats. What’s worse are the ticketless support systems – what a convoluted mess. I really don’t like those. No idea where you are.

Want to reply to a specific agent? Nope. Every new question just goes into the abyss. Ticketed systems offer clarity — ticketless systems, chaos.

Fixing stuff

Today I put a screw on the wall in the kitchen to hold the broom. Then it was on to the shower. I had fixed the shower head a couple of days which had developed crud on some the holes that partially blocked them so that they sprayed in in all kinds of directions. The door had a partially torn rubber sweep. I stapled the torn end together and then applied caulk to fill the gaps. Looks good (I love caulk, so versatile!). The door sill had settled over time and scraped when opening and closing. After looking at it for a little while, I just went and got some pliers and bent up the aluminum sill until it no longer scraped. Pretty simple fixes, but nice to have these things working again.