Rada tomato knife is great

Last night I used the Rada tomato knife, but not on a tomato. I used it to cut a big brown onion and was amazed at just how easily it did the job. Because it’s so thin and small it feels almost surgical using it, but it really worked great. However, I’m probably going back to my 5 inch Analon Santoku because I prefer crunching through the onion with a blade rather than drawing through it.

A rational response to an irrational situation

In talking with baccarat dealers, I invariably find myself promoting Avant Dernier and Last Bet systems as rational responses to an irrational situation. Choice of Banker or Player for each hand being strictly dictated by the shoe, not guess work. In so doing, each system affords the possibility of capitalizing on streaks (or jumps, as is the case of Avant Dernier), when the shoes line up with the systems — something impossible to do by guessing.

Reading the shoe

For people trying to use either Avant Dernier or Last Bet to choose their baccarat bets, the trick is being able to determine which kind of shoe they’re dealing with. This sometimes can be particularly difficult at the beginning when only a few hands have been played. However, at some point for many shoes it becomes obvious that they either have a vertical or horizontal bias. For vertical shoes, betting the Last Bet is the logical choice. For horizontal shoes, Avant Dernier.

Avant Dernier seems to be working, so far…

Since coming back to baccarat, I’ve been experimenting with some old strategies. Mostly I use Avant Dernier, but only enough times to get ahead, then I quit (I haven’t played an entire shoe with it).

What I think is interesting (in addition to having a system to pick my bet choice), is that it also protects me somewhat from myself. For example, yesterday I bet on Banker because that was what Avant Dernier said to do. It came up Player and I lost. Now I didn’t want to bet on Player since there were already two showing and I instinctively don’t like betting on three in a row, but if I was going to stay true with the system, that was the next bet. So I bet Player and surprise, surprise — it won, getting me back to even.

Just threw out the chips

Of the regular things I eat, tortilla chips are probably among the worst things to consume. Even though I generally only buy the “good” chips at stores, when eat out, I have no idea how good or bad the chips really are and eat whatever they bring to the table. But even good chips are a problem as far as carbohydrates go and vegetable oils. So as of right now, I’m going to take a break and up the greens.