Live webcast – Steve Reich concert

[From Ransom Wilson]

Hi, everybody

I just found out that the Steve Reich marathon concert from the
Whitney Museum in NYC will be webcast TODAY, from 2-6 p.m.
(14.00-18.00)and again from 6:20-10:20 p.m. (18.20-22.20), New York
time. The web address is It’s full of great
performers and great music. I will be playing “Vermont Counterpoint”
in the latter half of the show.

Tune in if you can!

Inline vs. Offset

Yesterday a young man posted on flutenet re: inline vs offset G flutes. The discussion has been interesting and I certainly have ‘chimed in’ plenty! In sum, I have a strong bias towards the open hole offset G. This stems from having tried playing inline for several years but never really feeling comfortable with the violin-like position of my left hand, then moving to offset back in 1979 (a time when very few people were buying pro flutes with offset G) and liking it much better.

Ian Anderson plays orchestral Jethro Tull

I just got back from seeing the show at the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium. It was great!

Ian Anderson really knows how to put on a show: the comedic/natural rapport with the audience, the ballet-like theatrical movements of his legs and body, his vocals, his songwriting and of course – his flute playing! – all make for a highly entertaining and memorable experience. Thanks Bruce for the ticket! 🙂

If you get a chance to see his act – do!