Free Mozart scores

A few months ago, all the works of Mozart were digitized and made available to everyone for free! It’s wonderful to be able to have access to this – I just wish the Web site was a bit easier to figure out! With that in mind, here’s how I use it:

2.) Type in the Kochel # in the KV search box and hit return (if you don’t know what the Kochel # is, try searching Google for the piece by title).
3.) The link to the score will be in red and to the right of the item title – click on it.
4.) On the top left there’s a tab called “Inhalts – verzeichnis” – click on it
5.) NOW – you should see the pdf icons which you can download (yay!)


Online gig setlist maker?

I’m trying to put together an online gig set-list
maker that uses drag-n-drop to order the tunes.
The drag-n-drop aspect is nicely handled here
(scroll down to “This next list is intentionally
long …”):
http://tool- /sorting. html

What I’d like to be able to do is 1.) select a
sub-list from a large list using checkboxes then
2.) rearrange that sub-list and finally 3.) post
the results.

Anybody know of a site that offers something like
this already?



Live webcast – Steve Reich concert

[From Ransom Wilson]

Hi, everybody

I just found out that the Steve Reich marathon concert from the
Whitney Museum in NYC will be webcast TODAY, from 2-6 p.m.
(14.00-18.00)and again from 6:20-10:20 p.m. (18.20-22.20), New York
time. The web address is It’s full of great
performers and great music. I will be playing “Vermont Counterpoint”
in the latter half of the show.

Tune in if you can!

Inline vs. Offset

Yesterday a young man posted on flutenet re: inline vs offset G flutes. The discussion has been interesting and I certainly have ‘chimed in’ plenty! In sum, I have a strong bias towards the open hole offset G. This stems from having tried playing inline for several years but never really feeling comfortable with the violin-like position of my left hand, then moving to offset back in 1979 (a time when very few people were buying pro flutes with offset G) and liking it much better.