Lost credit card rant

Lost my credit card yesterday. Checked my bank and the last place I used it was at a restaurant on Monday. I had a feeling that's where it still was, but unfortunately the restaurant is closed on Tuesday, so couldn't confirm. A loose credit card is not good, and so I did what most everybody else does, called my bank and killed it. Last time this happened, it took eleven days for the new card to arrive. This time, my bank offered to overnight the card for $6. I said ok.

So today I went back to the restaurant. Sure enough, my card was there. Why they didn't just call my bank to let them know they had one of their customers cards I don't understand. For some reason, sticking it in the cash register and waiting for the customer to come back seems to be the standard response. In the meantime, the card holder is wondering where it could be and hoping there aren't major charges being made. A phone call to the bank is all it would take to put those fears to rest.

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