iJot – it rocks! (cont.)

After using iJot for a few days, here's the news:

The auto-save feature wasn't working so I emailed iJot support about it. I received a prompt reply from Marc Barrot who told me that they'd look into it. Encouraged by the interest in dealing with their customers, I sent a few more follow up emails to Marc about some of the other things that I'd like to see in iJot. I received quick replies to all of them as well. Cool! Here's what I told Marc I'd like to see and his replies:

1.) auto-save an outline every 60 seconds (like Blogger does)

I like the little confirmation note that Blogger displays when autosaving...
It should find its way in iJot. I'll keep you posted.

2.) add checkboxes (like IN CONTROL had) so that items can be sorted

iJot is primarily a publishing tool, for which checkboxes are not essential.

But there's hope, there are actually somewhere in our own todo list, though
not at the very top.

3.) have your outlines be private

Not yet. That will be part of the premium service if all goes according to plans.

I followed up with a question about when and how much:

Not till Q1 next year.

Around $100 a year.

$100 a year seems like it might be a bit steep for a lot of people just to have a simple outliner like iJot. Especially so if/when Google does anything with integrating JotSpot (and it's component Jotliner) into Google Docs - because that is free AND private.

However if privacy is not an issue, than the free version of iJot is certainly adequate for basic outlining. I'm hopeful that iJot will continue to improve it's product so that users (like me!) can one day have access to an online outliner that's as good as any of the legacy outliners still floating about on countless computers. iJot looks very promising to meet that goal. Hope they pull it off.

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