How to split your Groupon bill, the easy way

Had dinner with a couple of friends yesterday. One of them had a $25 Groupon which he had paid $12 for. When it came it figuring out who owed what and how much, the Groupon math uncertainty was in full force. I paid what I thought was right and went home.

On the drive back I questioned my math and wondered if I somehow messed up. Turns out I had not, but my method to my total was suspect so I decided to deal with this once and for all.

It's pretty damn easy. Just subtract your share of the Groupon (in my case, this was 1/3) from your share of the total + tax + tip and that's how much you owe your friend. For example:

$22.50 my total + tax + tip
- $8 Groupon (1/3 of $25)

I owe $14.50

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