Committing to the shoe

One of the inconsistencies in my baccarat betting is not sticking to a plan. I find myself waffling back and forth between betting Avant Dernier as a system and just guessing. Coming in mid-way in a shoe and choosing to bet Avant Dernier really is tantamount to nothing more than guessing. The whole point of using either Avant Dernier or Last Bet systems is to *hopefully* wind up with more wins than loses by playing many hands, not just doing a drive by.

Also, one of the benefits or using either system is it helps to dispel the Banker bias so prevalent at the tables by the other players and treat each hand as equal – the way it should be, 50/50. For example, yesterday I saw a shoe that had a Player streak go 14 hands with only one tie. Bettors who bet against the streak lost money while those that rode it out made money, simple as that. Both Avant Dernier and Last Bet systems say to continue betting the streak, not guess when it might end. Had it been a Banker streak, there would no doubt have been many more gamblers at the table, but the Chinese for some reason don’t like Player. Those that did bet on Player, bet on it pretty lightly. Go figure.

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