Bought an iPhone, then changed my mind and took it back

Around the time Apple announced that they were dropping the price of the iPhone $200, I just happened to be near an Apple store. I mulled it over a bit then bought one of the 4G models (which are being phased out) for $299. I took the iPhone home and didn't unwrap it - instead, I began reading, reading and READING various blogs about the iPhone. The next morning, I took it back and got a refund. Here's why:

1. I already have a cell phone (Nokia 6102i) and I like the size of it (small).
2. I already have an MP3 player (Rio Cali) and I like the size of it (small).
3. I already have a laptop computer (Mac Pismo).

I like the 'idea' of the iPhone, but not the $20 a month extra to my AT&T bill for two years just to have access to the Web, or the $80 to replace the battery, or even the physical size of it. In short, I prefer separate components to all-in-one units. Really what I was most interested in with the iPhone was the Web access, but I think my laptop is better suited to that job and is more flexible too - so for now, I'm sticking with that.

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