Baccarat thoughts

Coming back to playing Baccarat after a four year hiatus overall has been fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, the same conclusions I have about casino gambling have remained largely unchanged, as they have since I was sixteen and that is, the math sucks.

I know for a fact, simply because I spent a lot of time studying the subject, that each time going in to the casino the odds are against me. This makes it difficult for me ever to get too enthusiastic or optimistic about my chances. Especially at Baccarat, which in spite of its appearances, is just a glorified coin toss. So most of the time, I just watch other people play, fascinated by the spectacle.

When I do play, I hope that I can hit my target number in one bet and then cash out. Playing as little as possible I’m convinced is the best way to survive the casino without a system. As for systems, Avant Dernier and Last Bet are the only two that make any sense because they hook into the shoe. When they hit it’s magic. When they don’t, it’s disaster. So unless you’re willing to stick it out and hope you’re going to get a good shoe, playing a system can really be dangerous to your wallet.

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