Avant Dernier / Last Bet hybrid

I’ve been wondering about some kind of Avant Dernier / Last Bet hybrid system for Baccarat. Since both systems have specific weaknesses (Avant Dernier loses on doubles, Last Bet loses on jumps), perhaps what’s needed to get more wins than losses (that’s the best one can hope for folks — you’re never, EVER going to win every bet!) is a hybrid of the two? A ‘two-speed’ system if you will, with a loss of two bets in a row triggering the shifts. Since both Avant Dernier and Last Bet follow the shoe, neither ever bet the opposite (for example, betting Player after Banker – it’s always Banker Banker). This runs contrary to gut instincts, which in a 50/50 game, knows it’s just a matter of time before the hands jump. To play either system, you have to be content to lose the jumps and hope that you’ll wind up with more wins than losses by the time you leave the table.

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