Just three more days till iPhone 5?

If things are as reported, Apple will announce the next iPhone on Oct. 4th. For starters, I’m expecting it to have double the storage (so the top model will now be 64GB instead of 32GB). Even higher camera resolutions would seem likely too. But how about reception? Will it’s reach be better here in the dead zone that is Sebastopol than previous models? I can only hope.

Facebook for business: Fan page, regular page, or domain name – which one is best?

For a business, which scenario is the best use of Facebook:
1. Fan page – maybe I’m missing something, but the wall function doesn’t carry over to other users.
2. Regular page – this works just like a personal page with a wall
3. Domain name – in other words, just have a Facebook Like button on the company site that points to the company’s domain (example.com)