WPaudio – underline links on hover?

Anybody know how to get the links to underline on hover?
Adding text-decoration: underline; to the following line in the wpaudio.min.js file works, but loses the play button:
'.wpaudio-container a:hover':{color:_wpaudio.style.link_hover_color}

For example:
'.wpaudio-container a:hover':{text-decoration: underline; color:_wpaudio.style.link_hover_color}


OSX Leopard: Selling for more now than four years ago!

Recently a friend bought an iPhone 4. Unfortunately, she has a Mac G5 tower running Tiger which we found out won’t sync to her iPhone via iTunes because the system is too old – has to be Leopard or Snow Leopard. And since Apple only sells it’s latest operating systems, off to eBay I went to find a Leopard disc. Much to my surprise, they’re going for around $150 used! This for a four year old system that sold originally in 2007 for $129. Yikes! Must be lots of people with iPhones that need syncing.

Someone made fire. Someone was first.

Someone made fire. Someone was first. I don’t mean the idiot who found a burning stick and kept it going. I mean the fellow who could make fire. And until that knowledge was stolen, that fellow was the most powerful person on the planet. And it means something to be first. To be most. It means a great deal. It means you have an opportunity to reproduce with the highest frequency and with the most desirable partners. It means your offspring have the greatest chance of survival and a better opportunity to make their own fire. I personally believe that human evolution has run its course. We live in a world where the people who can make fire have a tendency to wear condoms, sit in casinos and drink themselves into a stupor.

— Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson, Duplicity)