A better Lilly's Hummus

Lilly’s Hummus is a great deal – both in terms of product and price. However, to my taste their recipe is light on tahini and lemon (so that’s what I add more of!).

– 2 tbsp tahini
– 1 lemon

Stir it up until creamy (trying to get it as close to my dad’s recipe as possible, the best hummus on the planet! He adds a clove of garlic and serves on a plate topped with cumin, paprika and olive oil).

Acer Aspire One netbook: Changing screen resolution on external monitor?

How do you change the screen resolution for an external monitor on the Aspire One (D255-1268) running Windows 7? I need higher numbers than 1024×600.

UPDATE 3/26/11
After several minutes of trial and error with one of the employees over at BestBuy today, we found out that netbooks can’t set a different resolution for the external monitor unless it’s the only one selected. The duplicate display option will default to the netbook 1024×600.

These are my settings. Monitor looks good!

Adding meta name="robots" content="noindex"

Just added <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> to a bunch of pages. How long will it take before they’re gone? The countdown starts now!

UPDATE 4/21/11
Well it’s been a month. So far, Google has removed about 50% of the pages.

UPDATE 5/28/11
Been seeing some pretty significant drops the last few days. At this rate, shouldn’t be too much longer before the pages are gone.

UPDATE 6/22/11
Three months later. Fifteen pages to go.

UPDATE 6/25/11
Nine pages to go.

UPDATE 7/4/11
Six pages to go.

UPDATE 7/7/11
Four pages to go.

UPDATE 7/16/11
Three pages to go.

UPDATE 7/17/11
One page to go.

UPDATE 7/19/11
And they’re gone!

So it took just about four months to remove the pages.

Not redirecting my old PHP files

Last year I redirected hundreds of static HTML files to their new PHP equivalents using .htaccess. This year I have the opposite problem – how do I redirect hundreds of dynamically generated PHP pages to static html?

Since all the search engines have the full URL paths to the PHP pages in their index, I figure rather than go the rewrite route, I’ll just leave the PHP pages up and let them continue to function fielding queries as before.

Over time, Google, Bing and all the rest will eventually replace the PHP links anyhow because they no longer back link to the site and should drop off (at least that’s the theory). So how’s it working so far?

Unfortunately, there’s been a bit of a hit on traffic with this approach as all those new html pages don’t have the same weight as their old PHP equivalents. Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised by the drop – (seen this before) and if the past is any indication of what to expect, this is probably going to take many months for things to get caught up with the search engines. Oh well, such is the price of “progress” (and the promise of a reduced server load. 😉