Fresh Choice – please bring back the Chipotle Hummus!

Fresh Choice recently changed their wonderful Chipotle Hummus recipe due to “some seniors complained that it was too spicy.” Well… now it doesn’t taste anything like it used to. 😐
Everybody I know who had tried the “old” Chipotle Hummus thought it was great — NONE of us like the new version. Surely the voices of all those who did not complain far outnumber the seniors that did, right?
Fresh Choice, if you’re listening, please bring it back! Thank you.

A better Lilly's Hummus

Lilly’s Hummus is a great deal – both in terms of product and price. However, to my taste their recipe is light on tahini and lemon (so that’s what I add more of!).

– 2 tbsp tahini
– 1 lemon

Stir it up until creamy (trying to get it as close to my dad’s recipe as possible, the best hummus on the planet! He adds a clove of garlic and serves on a plate topped with cumin, paprika and olive oil).