Ubuntu iTunes

iTunes for Mac? Yes.
iTunes for Windows? Yes.
iTunes for Ubuntu? No.

This is probably the single biggest app missing from the Ubuntu playbook. If Apple were to make it available for Ubuntu, would people really not buy Apple computers? The answer for some would be yes, but I’d venture to guess it’s a very small number of people that would base their computer buying on it alone. More likely, it’s people like me wanting to put Ubuntu on a Windows box or netbook but find the lack of iTunes makes Ubuntu not as attractive an OS, especially since Apple uses iTunes to sync with the iPhone and iPad.

MYBAT iPhone4 black lattice case

This is my $15 case! A friend of mine got one for his iPhone as a gift from someone in Los Angeles, but didn’t know who made it or where to get it. Turns out Cell Treasures in the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall carries them (or at least they did a few weeks ago). Yesterday I asked them who made it and they said, MYBAT and so after some searching, here it is – the Black Lattice model:

This is a great case. I love that the ports are all open and easy to get to – especially the audio! Highly recommend.