Latin music is about drums.

Last night I went to see a very fine Latin jazz group but, they didn’t have drums. Much as I try to like the idea of hearing Latin music without drums and percussion the truth is, it just doesn’t work for me. Latin music without drums just isn’t Latin music. Most probably the reason the group I heard last night didn’t have a drummer was an economic one, cheaper to pay three people than four. Too bad it was the drums that got the axe. Drums should be the last thing cut in a Latin band, not the first. You just can’t take a music based on drumming for hundreds of years and then take that element out, sorry. It’s those layers of rhythms from the drums and percussion in Latin and African music that make it the vital force that is. Please, don’t be a Latin band without drums. Thank you.

Daniela Innocenti Beem – catch her if you can!

I got a chance to see the Novato Theater Company‘s production of On the Twentieth Century last night. Wow! Though the first half was just a tad long for me, overall I really enjoyed the play. In particular, Daniela Innocenti Beem was fantastic! She’s the real deal, folks. Actors like her belong on the big screen and the big stage. Amazing.

Let's go Rai ders Let's go (clap clap)

Went to the Raiders game yesterday. Had a horrible time connecting to AT&T on my iPhone, no doubt too many people in one place all trying to do the same thing! Here’s some screen shots of my iPhone (notice the five bars of connectivity and time lapse between shots).

So I had to amuse myself between downs and penalties with something else besides going online. For starters, I noticed the rallying chants “Let’s go Rai ders Let’s go (clap clap)” and “De fense (clap clap) De fense (clap clap)” are 4/4 constructs.

Why is it called an iPad and not an iTablet?

When the iPad first came out, I remember reading a number of comments that said it was a poor name for one reason or another. Why not iTablet instead?

Considering the long development cycle of the iPad, surely the name was something Apple took very seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had focus groups (or even a whole department!) devoted to just that. One thing was clear – from a hardware perspective, this was a tablet. Perhaps “iTablet” sounded too long when compared to iPhone or iPod? (one too many syllables and all). However, to my ears, iPad is similar enough sounding to iTablet — just toggle back and forth “pad” and “tab” a few times and judge for yourself. Maybe that’s all there was to it, something that sounded like tablet but shorter. iPad.