I do like potatoes, oh well.

The potato is such a great food and yet apparently it isn’t. Thanks to it’s high glycemic load, eating too much potato can lead to weight gain and assorted maladies like diabetes. I’ve been aware of this, which is why I eat very few potato chips – but whole potatoes, that’s a different story. I’m not one to say “hold the potatoes” at a restaurant, but instead – “extra well done” or “just this side of burnt” anyhow… now that I just made a batch of creamers with garlic and herbs, it remains to be seen if I can eat them in moderation.

Watching the ghosts

I’ve mentioned it before, but when I watch documentaries on World War 1, and World War 2, I am watching images of people that are all dead (well certainly all the WWI people are and probably 99% of the WWII folk too). It’s really not that long ago, and yet it is. Entire generations gone forever. Just their images on film remain.

The horrific photographs of the dead in WWI (including women and children) is only diminished somewhat in it’s impact by the film being in black and white and often poor resolution. The truth is that tens of millions of people were slaughtered in these wars. Mankind at it’s worst.

Don’t talk to casino dealers

If you’re a man, don’t talk to women dealers at the casino – they might get the wrong idea. Even if you think you’re just being social, some women dealers may interpret any exchange as inappropriate. Probably shouldn’t make eye contact or look at them either. Just let them deal the cards, nothing more. Or better yet, avoid the tables with women dealers completely. Unfortunately, such is the current atmosphere surrounding the male gambler in America’s casinos.

Dealing with my weight

I’m heavier than I’d like to be. Since I started keeping track in 2007, I’m up about 10 pounds. I know what the likely cause is — beer, bread, chips, pizza and too much of it. When I cut down on these things, my weight drops. Simple as that.

There a lot of good documentaries now on diet on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The big takeaway from most of them is to watch out for sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods in general. For years I’ve been pretty good about avoiding sugar, but vegetable oils was not something I paid much attention to. Now I’m making an effort to avoid those foods that use any oils other than olive, coconut or peanut. No canola, safflower, cottonseed or vegetable oils if I can help it.

Rada tomato knife is great

Last night I used the Rada tomato knife, but not on a tomato. I used it to cut a big brown onion and was amazed at just how easily it did the job. Because it’s so thin and small it feels almost surgical using it, but it really worked great. However, I’m probably going back to my 5 inch Analon Santoku because I prefer crunching through the onion with a blade rather than drawing through it.

A rational response to an irrational situation

In talking with baccarat dealers, I invariably find myself promoting Avant Dernier and Last Bet systems as rational responses to an irrational situation. Choice of Banker or Player for each hand being strictly dictated by the shoe, not guess work. In so doing, each system affords the possibility of capitalizing on streaks (or jumps, as is the case of Avant Dernier), when the shoes line up with the systems — something impossible to do by guessing.