Goodbye phone booth

Thanks to the cell phone, the once common phone booth is all but gone. Now the one outside Sebastopol Whole Foods has joined the deadpool.

Couldn't find a photo of the old phone booth except for this grainy zoom taken from a Google Maps street view (above).  If anybody has a better one, please let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE 12/6/10 - Here's another Google Maps street view (click to enlarge)

Sony DTC-790 blues

Turned on my old Sony DTC-790 DAT machine and am getting a "CAUTION" message.  Googled a bit and found people saying it's because the grease has dried out. Found the manual and inside it says:

"CAUTION" appears and the deck cannot be operated.
-> A safety mechanism is operating because of condensation. Remove the cassette and leave the deck turned on for about an hour. Then turn the deck off, then on again (see page 18).

So I'll give it a try - hope that's all it is!

UPDATE 9/10/10
Alpha Electronics says it'll be $245 to fix the 'mechanical assembly', so that's that...