A purse in the gutter

Today I found a purse. I had been visiting a friend and we went out walking his two dogs to get some eggs from a neighborhood house about a mile away. As we got closer, we crossed the road. It was then that I saw the purse.

It was light brown leather, with some green accents and mostly covered in leaves. I said to Steve, "Does this look right?" and picked up the purse. It was zipped shut. As I opened it, much to my surprise the purse was full of stuff. A white leather wallet, lots of plastic cards from various places, her drivers license and around $200 in cash. Overall, the contents looked organized and undisturbed. It didn't appear to have been rifled through.

I typed in the address in my phone. She lived nearby. When I got back to my car I drive over to the house and knocked on the door. The same young woman on the drivers license answered and when she saw the purse, her jaw dropped.

I told her where I found it. Apparently it had been missing for two weeks and she had given up on ever seeing it again. Her last recollection of it was at a fast food joint. If it had been stolen, then why was all the money there? Odd.

Maybe there was another explanation, like it had been left on the roof of the car and fallen off? Who knows. In any event, she got her purse back and that's what's important.

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