Mostly what tech people talk about I don’t get

Watching YouTube videos by WordPress developers generally leaves me unsatisfied. That’s because a lot of the lingo they use I just don’t understand. More specifically, many developers seem overly preoccupied with technologies that they find vital to their workflow. Reminds me of sports commentators talking about a game, using verbiage that few people have any idea what they’re talking about.

Facebook is a joke

Unfortunately, the widely held notion that your so-called “friends” see your posts on Facebook is a myth. In test posts of thousands of my Facebook friends, you’d be lucky to reach 1%. Facebook is NOT an email list! – it is more like a stream that either you catch or don’t. For you to actually reach your friends means paying Facebook to “Boost” your posts, they’re not going to do it for free. 

Don’t believe me? Do a test. Make a post asking your friends to simply “Like” it if they saw it. Take the “Likes” and compare to your friend count total. Prepare to be unimpressed.

Traffic drop

When your website suddenly loses half its traffic and you want to know why, sometimes it can be a difficult figuring out what happened. Does it have something to do with Google? Is this a fluke? What is going on?

First thing to check of course is your stats. Maybe there’s a clue there. Is there a major algorithm update happening on Google (like Penguin or Panda)? What are the tech blogs reporting?

Dealing with spreadsheets

It seems odd that in 2017, producing a standard monthly business spreadsheet of goods sold, apparently doesn’t exist. How is it that something as obvious as column totals doesn’t get factored in? Or being able to get the CSV by month, not 45 days. Somebody tasked with providing monthly totals, shouldn’t have to do a bunch of grunt work because the multi-million dollar tech firm’s accounting dept is clueless. 😡

Waiting for people to die

Death. It’s an odd thing and as far as I know, humans are the only species that are aware of their own mortality. Not surprisingly, in addition to pondering their own death, people wonder about others and when they might die too. I’ve known people who’s lives were cut short by illness or accident, while others, like my grandfather, made it to 100. 

Why it is that some people live to a ripe old age, while others seem to have barely begun before losing their lives, is baffling. Certainly genetics seems to be play a big part. People with a strong genetic makeup are most likely to be long lived, being able to stave off what invariably takes down the less fortunate.