Hypoglycemia – some carrots to the rescue!

A short while ago, the iPad screen started to look like it was spinning. I began feeling like I was about to pass out. I’ve had this feeling before and it’s not good. Last time was several months ago at a restaurant with some friends.

After consuming about half a plate of spaghetti with salmon on top, I began to feel very uncomfortable. I lay down in the booth to try to fend off the waves of dizziness but it wasn’t helping. Fortunately, one of my friends called our server and asked her to bring some orange juice. Within about a minute of drinking the juice I began to feel better.

This was a great discovery, for now I knew that when I felt like that, I needed to get some sugar – and fast. So when this just happened again, I got out of bed and stumbled my way downstairs to the fridge. I had a few small carrots and though not as immediate as when I drank orange juice, I’m now feeling a lot better. Note to self, buy some orange juice!

Apple Lion – mouse scrolling direction reversed, what's the fix?

Read on TechCrunch that you can reverse the scrolling direction:

You can find the checkbox to set the scroll direction to what you’re used to under System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll and Zoom. Look for the “Scroll Direction: natural” option.

That’s fine if you have a trackpad, I don’t. So what’s the fix for if you just have a mouse? I went to the Apple Store yesterday and put that question to the guys in blue, none of them knew how to do it. They’re going to email me the answer when they find out. I’ll update here when I hear back.

Upgraded to Quicken Essentials and Apple Lion yesterday

After reading about how my Quicken 2005 would not work with Apple’s new Lion OS, I finally decided it was time to upgrade to Quicken Essentials. Upgrading to Quicken Essentials went without a hitch once I figured out how to follow their less than straightforward UI. Then onto Lion.

Downloading Lion took a few hours. The upgrade went without any problems (save for quitting open applications that I didn’t even know were open!) and is now running my iMac. 🙂

On reboot, Firefox was acting up and I saw some very strange renditions of familiar pages like Yahoo! Mail and one of my websites. After quitting and restarting Firefox a few times, it seems to be working again ok.

I’d hoped that Safari would now allow me to delete my saved passwords. No such luck. That’s a bug that just won’t go away! I’m tempted to bring the thing into the Apple Store and witness what the fix is. Too bad it’s an iMac and not a laptop, probably ain’t gonna happen.

In Lion, the scroll wheel on my mouse is reversed. Going to take some getting used to, but it does seem to make sense in operating in that direction as well. All in all, pretty easy upgrades.

WPaudio not working with WordPress 3.2.1

WPaudio MP3 player not working with WordPress 3.2.1. Anybody have a fix? Thanks!

UPDATE 7/15/11
Found the fix! (thanks Ursula)

Just so the answer is here as well, I followed these steps:

open the javascript file here:

Search for href$=.mp3 and replace by href$=”.mp3″

(ie. add the quotation marks before/after .mp3)

Everybody is an authority in music

Apparently, everybody is an authority in music. Whether they studied it or majored in it or have degrees in it or make their living from it, everybody else’s opinion is just as valid. For some reason, the bar for being knowledgeable in music is very low, because everybody already knows everything. Why is that?

I don’t hear everyman/woman telling a lawyer about lawyering, or math teachers about calculus, or doctors about medicine, but it seems everyman knows everything about music and worse, they want you to hear about their profound musical insights day after day, year after year. Why is that?